How To Apply Your Vinyl Wall Sticker or Garage Billboard

Vinyl wall stickers are made of premium quality, removable adhesive vinyl. All the decals will stick to most dry, clean, smooth surfaces; paint, glass, metal, wood, and so on. The wall stickers are guaranteed to remove cleanly. If your surface is smooth, non-greasy then our vinyl will stick. Vinyl wall art will not stick to brick, stone, unfinished wood, or any rough textured surface.

How do I apply the wall stickers? You will not be able to reposition the vinyl after removing the backing paper, so plan carefully where you are going to put your graphic before doing so. You peel the vinyl decals off of the backing paper. Then you place it on your wall in the position you want it to be and rub firmly over vinyl. Then gently peel the transfer tape off of the top of the vinyl stickers and this leaves only the beautiful vinyl designed stickers on your surface. If you have newly painted walls, you must wait at least 2 weeks for the paint to completely dry. Just peel it off if you want to remove it. Take care not to damage paintwork when removing vinyl from painted walls – you may find it easier to use a hairdryer which softens the adhesive.

Garage Billboards are made of Premium quality non-adhesive material which is Heavy Duty, Weather Proof & Durable. They can be attached to any garage door except Roll Up Garage Doors. You can still use your door as you normally would. It is removable at any given time.

How do I apply the Garage Billboards?

You will Need:


Step ladder

Measuring Tape

Spirits for cleaning

Carpet Cutter / Blade / Scissors

*You will receive  your Billboard as well as Self Adhesive Velcro Fasteners which is used to attach the Billboard to the garage door fascia. Installation is 1 hour.

Steps in their Order :

1.  Measure the height and With of the Garage door

2.  Roll out your Billboard on a flat surface with Print facing upwards. 

3.  Measure your Billboard to match the door size and plot with a pen then trim the excess material using a ruler and blade / carpet cutter       / scissors

4.  Clean the Edges of the door width Methylated Spirit

5.  Attach the Velcro Soft side to the edges of the Billboard

6.  Attach the Velcro Hook side to the edges of the Door

7.  Attach the Billboard to the Door, start from top left corner to your right. Continue downwards on the sides

8.  If you have any door handles, carefully cut a slit then push it through the incision

9.  ENJOY your New Look Garage Door!!