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More about Vinyl Wall Art
It is easy to apply, affordable, and completely removable, but not reusable. We use high-quality vinyl that can last up to 5 years indoors. It has a matte varnish and looks like it is painted on. It leaves no residue when removed, but sometimes paint can come off, and you need to retouch it.
If you used a good quality paint (2 coats), the vinyl will stick to the paint. (please test with masking tape before you apply your sticker).
If newly painted please give a week in summer and 2 weeks in winter to dry. If your walls are cold, please warm the rub or rub until vinyl sticks.
The walls must be in good condition and not damp or flaking – the vinyl might peel.
Your vinyl sticker can also be washed with soap & water or with a damp cloth. Please don’t use chemicals on the product
You can apply your vinyl sticker to any smooth surface such as painted walls, tiles, wood, floors, metal, plastic, glass, Perspex, mirror, vehicles, etc. With a little effort, you can apply your sticker to textured walls without a guarantee from us. But please note that if your walls are lime-washed or any powdery paint it will not stick. It won’t stick to kid proof paint

To remove the vinyl you can warm it with a hair-dryer and then peel it off. Clean glass, metal, etc with spirits. Small bits of paint might come off if you remove it from the wall. We are not liable for damage to surfaces.

We also do custom vinyl and can also resize the designs on the website to any size you want.
We include instructions in your package, but recommend that you watch any youtube video on how to install a vinyl wall art.

Enjoy your wall art!